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Little Trick to Write Off Miscellaneous Expenses

by | 52 tax Tips and Weekly Financial Blog for 2023



When we include our tax deductions, we must always remember the Big
Four: Mortgage interest, State income taxes, Real estate taxes and Charitable
contributions. John and Edith, a couple starting a business, had this in mind and
they were also aware that 2017 was the last year to be able to write off
Miscellaneous Expenses on Schedule A, until 2026, when they will revert to
2017 rules.

The Tax Cut and Jobs Act (TCJA) suspends Miscellaneous Expense
deductions until 2026, but there is still a potential for getting these tax
deductions. The couple knows this, because they sought assistance from their
tax professional.

If you free-lance, earn side work, or have your own business you can still
write off many items that are currently lost for employees. Having your
own business allows you to write off any expense that is used for the business.
Try to earn non-employee (self-employed) income from free-lance or side
work and you can write off many, if not all the expenses listed below.
Internal Revenue Code Section 162 allows for any expense of operating a
business that is reasonable and ordinary. Be sure to check with your state rules,
where they might be allowed, too!

Some business deductions are as follows:

Tax Preparation, Consultation, investment, or planning fees for
business Advertising, marketing, website creation and maintenance fees

Auto expenses (be sure to keep a logbook, if you use the vehicle
for both business and personal trips) No logbook, No
deduction! Bank Fees and credit card processing fees
Communication Expenses (phones, internet, data plans)

Dues, Professional organizations and groups

Education to improve your existing knowledge in a business (Not
allowed if it prepares you for a new career or job, or a new
professional license).

Equipment purchased or repaired and maintained

Health insurance premiums (includes Medicare insurance)

Home Office expenses (you can have more than one office)

Legal, accounting or other professional fees to manage or defend your
income (professional athletes get to deduct fines they pay to their
leagues for misconduct.)

License Fees and renewals

Office equipment and supplies

Payroll and sub-contractor expenses

Printing, postage, and shipping costs

Travel, transportation and lodging expenses (many expenses here
that you wouldn’t think of)

Uniforms and laundry expenses

Qualified Business Income deduction

Check with azmoneyguy, or your tax advisor, to see if your
situation and circumstances allow you to deduct business expenses.

Call today, don’t delay! See how this affects you. We can be reached at 602-264-9331 and on all social media under azmoneyguy.

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