Advisory and Business Services

Scope of Services

Scope of Advisory Services

Businesses require sophisticated accounting, tax, and management systems and on-call consulting services. Our approach is to be accessible and sensitive to the needs of our business clients as we help them respond to their changing needs and to the changing tax laws that affect them.


Business Problem Solving

As you start your business, we can help you select the proper organizational structure and secure adequate financing


Record keeping and Reports

If you’re in business and need recordkeeping and accounting systems, we can design them to fit your needs


Financial Statements and Audits

If you need financial statements, we can prepare compilation, review, or audited statements.

Financial Services

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Payroll Services

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Legal Documents

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Do you have tax and financial questions and are not sure where to find answers that you can trust?


We have separated the advisory portion of the practice, for our non-revolving monthly retainer clients, from the accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation and tax resolution services.  We are now offering four level of Advisory Plans (see table below).


Advisory Services – Subscription Plans 


Advisory Services Subscription


  • Only available for current tax client individuals
  • Limited informal, non-appointment communication
  • Up to 1 hour of  services per year, to include texts, emails, or phone calls.

Bronze yearly payment $105


Advisory Services Subscription


  • Includes everything in the BRONZE plan
  • Responses to non audit related IRS, Department of Revenue, or Department of Economic Security written notices. (1 notice per year)
  • For individuals only

Silver yearly payment $295


Advisory Services Subscription


  • Includes everything in the SILVER plan
  • Up to 1 hour of Tax Planning (either on the phone or in person)
  • For individuals only

Gold yearly payment $495


Advisory Services Subscription


  • Includes everything in the GOLD plan
  • Up to 1 hour of business consulting (either on the phone or in person)
  • For BUSINESS OWNERS (Sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations or rental property)

Platinum yearly payment $695

Each subscription service is offered on an annual, auto-renewable basis.  The annual contract automatically renews each year, unless canceled in writing. You can cancel at any time, and only be responsible for the remaining balance until the end of your year, when the contract is set to expire.

Usually, to speak to a CPA (especially during tax season) you can wait for days to receive an answer. Even then, you pay hundreds of dollars when you finally do get an appointment. For less than 50¢ a day, you will have access to a CPA and receive specific advice regarding your questions, all year long.

To sign up for the program, simply complete the attached credit/debit card authorization form, or you can call us with the information, and let us know which service plan you are interested in (individual or business). We will process your payments on the 10th  day of each month.

What are you waiting for?  Sign up today!

To see a list of services offered please download our Services form.

To fill out the authorization form and enroll in this program please download our Credit Card Authorization Form and email it to or mail to the address located on the top of the form.

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Mr. Hockensmith has been a guest newscaster for national and local TV stations in Phoenix since 1995, broadcasting financial and tax topics to the general pubic. He has written tax and accounting articles for both national and local newspapers and professional journals. He has been a public speaker nationally and locally on tax, accounting, financial planning and economics since 1992. He was a Disaster Reservist at the Federal Emergency Management Agency, for many years after his military service. He served as a Colonel with the US Army, retiring from military service after 36 years in 2008. Early in his accounting career, he was a Accountant and Consultant with Arthur Andersen CPA’s and Ernst & Young CPA’s.

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