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Ten Tax Facts if You Sell Your Home and Reverse Mortgages

Do you know that if you sell your home and make a profit, the gain may not be taxable? Anna and Jenny have recently learned about this from their tax professional so now they are deliberating over the idea of selling their 15-years-old home. The fact that the profit, you make from selling your old home, is not taxable is…read more →

Basis, Capital Gains, and Losses

Now is the time to act smart, so that you can cut down your taxes by ensuring your basis on your investments is correct. Pauline, an entrepreneur who had just invested in her own startup, was aware of this. She knows that following the tricks of the trade now, may help in cutting down on taxes at the end of…read more →

Tax Tips for the Homeowner and Vacation Home Rentals

Who isn’t excited about a new home? Whether you are a first-time homeowner like Julie and Sandra or an experienced homeowner, the fun of buying a new home remains unparalleled. And what better news than to learn that buying a home also brings along with it some tax advantages. This week we’ll discuss some tax tips for the homeowner. If…read more →

What is “Basis”, Capital Gains and Losses?

This week we will talk about some ways to cut down your taxes by making sure your basis on your investments is correct.  Did you buy property for your business last year?  Did you sell stocks or mutual funds?  Did you receive an inheritance?  In all of these events, your total investment or inheritance in assets is known as basis…read more →

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