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Basis, Capital Gains, and Losses

Now is the time to act smart, so that you can cut down your taxes by ensuring your basis on your investments is correct. Pauline, an entrepreneur who had just invested in her own startup, was aware of this. She knows that following the tricks of the trade now, may help in cutting down on taxes at the end of…read more →

Tax Return Corrections and Tips for next Tax Year

To err is human and errors happen sometimes, especially if you must hurriedly prepare for your tax returns like Charlie. But to Charlie’s relief and for many like him, there are some options. So, this week we will discuss how to correct any information that you accidentally omit from or put incorrectly on your tax return. The rush is over,…read more →

Paying Income Taxes and Estimated Taxes

The tax season is almost ending, and like any other law-abiding, tax-paying citizen of the country, Chris is aware of his options. He knows that there are four ways to pay the personal income taxes. For convenience and efficiency, these are the available options: Never send cash in the mail. You can pay up to $1,000 a day at all…read more →

Tax Extensions and Penalties

We have only a few DAYS left before the filing season is over. Extending the due date of filing your returns will let you file up to October 15th this year. BUT it does not give you extra time to pay any taxes owed. Usually Dennis and Karen are diligent about filing their tax returns, and that explains why they…read more →

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