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Business Use of Personal Vehicle

Downtown, uptown, residential areas . . . you happen to see them all back and forth, so many times, all in a day. Chances are, you are in a profession that practically makes you live in your vehicle. Seems your vehicle has basically become an office on wheels. It’s also a tax deduction, if you structure it correctly. Karen, a…read more →

Money Savings and Tax Tips for the Holidays

 The Holiday Season is finally here. The bright red ornaments, Santa himself and the dazzling colorful gift-wrapped parcels sitting pretty almost everywhere in town surely entices you to indulge in the holiday spirit. The holidays are upon us. It should be a pleasant time, but too often the enjoyment we experience is followed by financial stress, worries and/or headache. Money…read more →

Military Tax Benefits

You have sacrificed your youth, precious time, and the warmth of family to keep not only Americans, but at times citizens from across the world safe. You deserve more than admiration and gratitude. It’s that time of the year, when we honor our veterans. Since its almost Veteran’s Day, so let’s discuss some of the tax benefits for the U.S….read more →

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