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Tax Credits That Can Reduce Your Taxes

Credit often causes smiles. Be it a good credit history or taking credit for doing something good, the word ‘credit’ usually has a positive connotation to it. This is especially true with tax credits. They help you reduce the taxes you owe. A tax credit is almost always better than a tax deduction because it reduces your taxes, dollar for…read more →

Save Taxes with 529 Education Plans

In the list of ‘to do’ items after childbirth, parents often include the 529 Education plans as well. You want to secure your child’s future by investing in this piggy bank for the education of your children. Meghan and Derrick, first time parents, did not want to waste much time, so they invested in 529 Education plan within a month…read more →

Higher Education Costs Can Reduce Taxes

It’s ‘Back to School’ time and every one of you must be busy preparing for the academic year ahead. Along with students, even parents are busy gearing up for the new school year. Education is a holistic process, where the students are the ones who focus on studying, but you parents are also equally involved in ensuring that your students…read more →

Tax Benefits of Adoption

When you take care of someone, you are also taken care of! It’s like Karma. You do good, you get back good in return. Ben and Stephanie had adopted a baby girl because they felt their family wasn’t complete otherwise. This act of adopting children is not only a good and kind deed where another human being is benefiting from…read more →

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