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Little Trick to Write Off Miscellaneous Expenses

When we include our tax deductions, we must always remember the Big Four: Mortgage interest, State income taxes withheld or paid, Real estate taxes and Charitable contributions. John and Edith, a couple starting a business, had this in mind and they were also aware that 2017 was the last year to be able to write off Miscellaneous Expenses on Schedule…read more →

Medical Deductions and Expenses

Did you know that you may be able to deduct expenses you pay for someone who is not claimed as a dependent? This week’s tip is about medical expenses and deductions that some people are not aware of. For instance, Dave provided over one-half of his mother’s support for the past year, so he can include the medical expenses he…read more →


It’s a New Year, and for Dave and Julia, a married couple, the new year signifies the fresh start of financial responsibilities. Responsibilities that simply translate to financial commitments like an upgraded house to accommodate children, meet their demands of fancy toys and Disneyland vacations, start saving for their education and more importantly: Financial Freedom! Now is the time to…read more →

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