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Business Use of Personal Vehicle

Many of us practically live in our vehicles.  It’s basically become an office on wheels.  It’s also a tax deduction if you structure it correctly. You can deduct auto expenses when you own or lease a personal vehicle and use it for business purposes.  For instance, making deliveries, traveling to and from meetings, trips to the office supply store, your…read more →

Money Savings and Tax Tips for the Holidays

Money Savings Tips   The holidays are upon us.  It should be a pleasant time, but too often the enjoyment we experience is followed by a financial headache.  January’s bank statements and credit cards bring the realization that once again, we have lost control of our spending habits.   Before the holidays begin, you should consider making a budget.  Estimate…read more →

Military Tax Benefits

It’s almost Veteran’s Day so let’s discuss some of the tax benefits for the U.S. military forces. Some types of pay are not taxable. And special rules may apply to some tax deductions, credits and deadlines. These rules apply to all branches of U.S. Armed Forces; whether they are National Guard, Reserves, or Active Duty: Filing tax returns late –…read more →

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