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The Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS)

The Taxpayer Advocate Service is the separate department of the Federal Government that is NOT part of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), even though it is located at an IRS office in major cities of the US. It is a part of the government that actually helps taxpayers who have not been treated properly or who are about to lose…read more →

IRS Online Tools for Year-Round Tax Help

Getting year-round tax help from the IRS is easier than ever before. The IRS website has many online tools that you can use to get the service you need. For example, with you can e-file your tax return for free, easily check the status of your refund, or get many of your tax questions answered. Here are some of…read more →

Children Employed by Parents who own a business

As a self-employed business owner (sole proprietorship), paying wages to a child can be an effective way to shift income from the taxpayer who owns the business to the child, who usually is in a lower income bracket. It may be possible to escape taxes completely on wages paid to the child. The child can contribute to a retirement plan…read more →

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